Promoting Cyber-security Awareness

Beginning late in 2015, CSRI began the planning of what would become a signature event.  We sought to create and promote an opportunity to raise the understanding of small business owners, managers and administrators in Chester County to the importance of cyber-security.

Being strong advocates of our local chambers of commerce, we recognized that building the gathering around an evening of networking would add value for our guests and the chamber.  Soliciting as a venue, a fellow chamber member in the hospitality industry, we found a partner who enthusiastically joined us in our vision.

Underwriting the event, CSRI in conjunction with our partner host, provided a light evening of networking, information and entertainment.  Delivering a no-cost occasion for members and non-members alike, to get together, network and learn.

The success of the first, compelled us to bring the event back to Chester County the following year.  Our second showing was met with overwhelming interest and amplified success; with it, we determined that this would become an annual event.

CSRI Cyber-security Event 2019

Navigating the Connected World

Thursday, April 25, 2019 – These days, everything is connected; in many cases, we have a convergence of our personal and our business lives.  The frequency of data breach is increasing and the sheer volume of records exposed is staggering.  How we respond to the potential that our businesses might be targeted or affected, should be faced head-on.

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CSRI Cyber-security Event 2018

Business in the Dawn of the Post-Privacy World

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 – This much anticipated networking event certainly did not disappoint.  Our presentation this year focused on the small business imperative to be, and to be seen as, one of the stalwart protectors of our clients’ information.

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CSRI Cyber-security Event 2017

Unsecure in the Cyber Age

Thursday, May 11, 2017 – Holding our second forum, guests enjoyed an engaging evening of networking and learned about cyber-security in our connected world.

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CSRI Cyber-security Event 2016

Cyber-security & Today’s Threat Landscape

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 – We combined a refreshing approach to networking with a brief and informative look at cyber-security and the challenges facing small business.

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