Our Service Options

Computer Systems Resource, Inc. offers three options for service provision to meet the individual needs of our clients.  Our technical services are available based on those listed below.

Whichever agreement works best for your organization, CSRI provides experienced systems engineers to support you.  Our philosophy accompanies every support request; our objective is to build and maintain long-term relationships.

Monthly Agreements
This all-inclusive option, excluding projects, provides a routine expediture perfect for clients who prefer a fixed allocation.  All service needs are covered under this plan including updates, patches, consulting and planning, support calls, and repairs.

Regular visits provide direct interaction with our systems engineers and a direct IT request email address is established.  Deployment of new hardware, new software, and other projects are quoted at significantly discounted rates.

Blocktime Arrangements
Blocktime Arrangements give our clients who choose them, an opportunity for greatly reduced pricing over those of our Hourly rates.  Our Blocktime is a pre-purchased bank of hours, available from month to month until consumed; and unused hours never expire.

CSRI Blocktime is an excellent alternative to Hourly pricing for clients with smaller networks who wish for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the money’s in the bank.  Projects can be covered under existing Blocktime or billed separately for those who wish to maintain their reserve.

Hourly rates are just that; all technical support and service is billed as it is used.  Rates are consistent for all services, without discounting; however, you pay as you go.