Tell a Friend

At CSRI we realized that our clients have been our greatest advocates, introducing us to others that would benefit from our services.  We thank everyone who has illustrated such faith in us; recommendation is indeed the surest indication of confidence.

Considering that everyone enjoys getting a little savings, and in appreciation to those that tell their friends about CSRI, we have created our Tell-A-Friend program.  It is just our way of saying , ‘thanks.’

  • Introduce CSRI to a customer, a vendor, or a friend
  • That individual’s company becomes a client of CSRI
  • Your company receives a savings for the lead

It is simply that easy!

If you use CSRI services by the hour, we will credit one and one half hours at your present rate against your next invoice.  If your company is served by a blocktime agreement, two hours will be provided without being assessed against your block.  If a monthly agreement covers your organization, we will process a $300 credit on your next invoice.

We thank you for the confidence that you have in CSRI and we want our appreciation to be known.