On-premise Cloud

The concept of the cloud is alluring.  The cloud seems to offer attractive benefits for organizations; improved up-time, accessibility and the collaboration that comes with it, these are promises of the cloud.

There is no doubt that today’s increased bandwidth permits hosted infrastructure (the cloud) greater utility than ever before.  What you hear is that the cloud will liberate you from the need for hardware and software purchase, maintenance cost and the expense of managing it all.  What you don’t hear is that you’re still paying, you’re just renting.

Ask yourself, when has it ever been less expensive to rent.  In other words, you’ll pay more.

Now ask yourself, what if you could have the benefits and pay less; what if you could remain in control of your assets and your data.  These are all realities of on-premise cloud.

Hosted infrastructure is a service-for-hire environment which begins with rack rental, firewall rental, server and switching rental, software and licensing rental, bandwidth rental, electrical rental, and contracted maintenance.  The more you need, the more it costs.

The fact that you will add layers of extra cost for things you are and will need to continue paying for, such as internet and electric, notwithstanding, with the cloud you will rent the things you would otherwise own.  With the cloud you will pay monthly for your rack, firewall, server(s), switches, software, licensing and maintenance.  This does not even get you redundancy (high-availability), the ability to benefit from high-availability costs more.

So what if you were to buy it?  What if you were to build into your infrastructure the promises of the cloud?  You can; and it is more cost-effective.

The total cost of ownership (TCO) for on-premise cloud is approximately three years.  Whether it is a simple infrastructure, non-high-availability, high-availability or collocation, the TCO remains at roughly three years; that’s a remarkable savings when compared to the year-over-year ongoing expense involved in renting infrastructure.

In other words, you can own your cloud.  CSRI designs redundant environments which offer the improved up time and secure access from anywhere, and any device, that we think of when we think of the cloud.  The difference is, you know what you are paying for and you pay less over time, you know where your assets and data are and most importantly, you remain in control.