CSRI Cyber-Security Event 2018

Business in the Dawn of the Post-Privacy World

The Review

Our topic this year was certainly relevant, as we’re all uneasy about diminishing privacy.  Interest was piqued during the run-up based upon conversations that we had with registrants; and, gauging from response, the audience was duly concerned … hopefully they were motivated.  If folks went back to their places of business and began a dialogue, we delivered.

This year’s cyber-security event was absolutely exceptional.  The attendance was outrageous, nearly hitting capacity.  Our co-hosts the Hilton Garden Inn Exton/West Chester, made it all look easy.  Hats off for another finely executed gala!  To our sponsors, the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce, great job; what a night?!  We had the pleasure of entertaining a fairly even split of those who are members of the chamber and those who are as of yet, not.  Hopefully, many recognized the value that the chamber offers.

To our guests, Wow!  How about that?!  The feedback that we’ve received has been extreme.  Thanks for making this evening successful!

The Radio Interview

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We had the pleasure of chatting again on air with our friends at West Chester’s local radio station, WCHE 1520.  Appearing on the WCHE Morning Magazine to discuss and promote the event is always a kick.  We even had a call-in from David, a commuter who was listening on his way to work,.  Below is the radio interview broadcast live from Monday, April 9th, 2018.

The Video Presentation

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