Engaged in education’s modern infrastructure

At CSRI, we have partnered in the evolution of how educational institutions deliver curriculum for over twenty-five years.  We were there when computer labs were first installed; and engaged in the proliferation of notebooks to students, as were we when the concept of one-to-one transitioned centralized technology programs.

When campus-wide wired networks were installed we were there, designing resilient 1GbE infrastructure; as were we when these were upgraded to 10GbE.  As wireless supplemented the network backbone, CSRI was again at the forefront of design.  In the evolved institution, WiFi refresh and augmentation has liberated the way in which teachers and students can use technology and yet again, CSRI is assisting schools in the design of durable wireless infrastructure, from decision-making through design to implementation.

Sensitive to the real-word budgetary constraints which affect institutions, CSRI participates in the E-Rate program as a certified provider.  Many schools have benefited from the resources this financial vehicle offers, being able to accomplish significant improvement that budgets would not otherwise permit.  Ask us how your institution can leverage E-Rate to be instep on the very competitive educational landscape.

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