Support Services

CSRI delivers support services with the same customer-centric approach that is our prevailing business philosophy.  From network and systems administration to end-user support, we provide support based upon your organization’s needs.

Some clients have internal IT resources, others have none, while others have vendors for some segments of their service requirements, CSRI will integrate accordingly.  Whether it is supplemental or you need a one-stop shop, we can accommodate.

What we are not

We are not a Managed Service Provider (MSP); these companies offer monitoring services, for which you pay a monthly contract, and then when something breaks they charge you to engage.  It is the, ‘we’ll know before you know’ model.  It may sound appealing; it may sound like you will no longer have to worry about your IT problems.  They may tell you that you won’t need an internal administrator or help-desk employee, they’re helping save you money.  They will have periodic reviews, championing how well they performed suggesting that they are responsible for the time things ran smoothly.

Why we are not

If your environment is stable, it should be up most of the time.  These firms are essentially charging you for when you are not broken.

What we are

CSRI is a traditional break-fix shop.  We have found that our customers know when they are broken, that that is when they want service, and it is then that they want to pay.  It may sound simple, perhaps a bit old-school, however our customers appreciate knowing that it is service for which they are paying.

We won’t make you sign a contract.  This is worth repeating; we will not make you sign a contract.  Our engineers are expected to earn the right for us to return with every engagement.  If you have concerns, we ask that you voice them; and we’ll work to address your concerns.

At CSRI, service is how we define ourselves.  It is our heritage.

Why we are

Simply, because it makes good practical sense.

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