The technological landscape is vast, comprised of hardware, software and licensing.  Not every brand is the same and many brands have different lines for different environments.  Discerning what is most suitable for your needs takes a partner with a deep understanding of the industry; and one who appreciates your objectives and your budget.

Not all resellers are created equal.  In other words, what you buy and from whom you buy it, can have enormous impact.

At CSRI, we approach every request, whether it be for a desktop, an infrastructure upgrade or refresh, or a needed technology solution, as an opportunity to further refine the trust-relationship with our clients.  It is not in our best interest to recommend, or resell, what is in our best interest; it is more important that we offer the options that are in the customer’s best interest.  This guiding principle has contributed to being the preferred vendor for clients whom we’ve served for decades.

The concept seems simple; create solid partner relationships with manufacturers, evaluate appropriate fit products to meet the client’s requirements, resell at reasonable and competitive prices, pass rebates and deal pricing on to the customer, show the real SKU or part number so that pricing can be analyzed for fairness, and support what you sell.  It is the definition of a value-added reseller.

It really is that simple.  It’s how it should be.

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